Ordering Faq

Ordering FAQs

1. How do I know if my online order is processed?

After you submit your online order, you will receive an autoreply e-mail and our sales person will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your order.

3. I’ve already ordered, but I’ve not received any calls or confirmation.

We process our orders in a first come first basis; meaning clients that ordered earlier will be replied to first. However, in the world of junk emails some get lost. So if we didn’t reply to you in 2 working days, do call us to confirm that we have received it. (Important: If you do not receive a faxed/emailed order confirmation of your order from us, your order has not been placed.)

4. Can I order less than the minimum number of guests on the menu?

Sorry, but we are very strict with our minimum quantity for each individually crafted menus.

5. I have already selected the package, why I can’t select the date for next day order?

We need at least (3) days in advance to proceed booking for online orders. For urgent order(s), please contact our sales personnel to check on availability.

6. Are there any other issues concerning delivery that I should be aware of?

Where the venue of the function is above the ground or lift-landing level, and there is no direct lift access, a surcharge of S$20 per floor will be imposed