Menu Faq

Menu FAQs

1. Are all the menus fixed, or can I change a few food items in my menu?

Yes, but you can, but it will be subjected to availability. However do note that it may incur additional cost.

2. What equipment do you provide for regular buffets?

We provide food warmers, tables with skirting and disposable wares.

3. What do you mean by Mini Buffet?

Mini Buffet is specially designed to cater to smaller groups from min. 10 persons. The food comes in disposable aluminium foil tray or microwavable container.

4. Can I rent table and warmer for Mini buffet?

Only tables are available for rental upon request at $10 each. Transportation for Mini Buffet order will be charged from $25 to $40 if you rent tables as the driver needs to make a return trip to collect the table.

5. How long can Mini Buffet be consumed?

Mini-Buffet is best consumed within 1 hour. Food is warm and ready to eat upon delivery.

6. Why don’t you continue to use the aluminium trays?

Feedback from our clients is that in order for them to reheat the food, they had to transfer it to another microwaveable container – adding more work – besides, the aluminium trays were too soft – slipping off fingers – leading to one too many spillage of foods. Tip: If you need to heat up the food in the microwave, please DO NOT forget to leave the cover open ajar – you don’t want it exploding and making a mess in your oven!